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We acknowledge exams taken at similar faculties. Reduce your tuition fee and complete a study program that will give you specific knowledge which will continue to be sought-after by employers.


Enrolment in the graduate study program in computer engineering for applicants who completed their study programs at other faculties is possible after a free differential semester (pre-semester)!

The best professional study program

Najbolji stručni studij

We offer a professional study program of the highest quality in Croatia according to the results of the evaluation of the quality assurance system carried out by National Agency for Science and Higher Education – ASHE.

We are the best educational organization in the world among 3,200 organizations evaluated by Microsoft!

We are the only institution in Croatia that has met the quality criteria of the Dutch-Flemish accreditation agency NVAO.

We are the only professional study program whose quality is continuously evaluated by FER and we have met the requirements for certification ever since 2009.

eSkills for Jobs 2015

The “eSkills for Jobs” initiative encourages the development of ICT profession in the EU and the DigitalEurope organization has entrusted us with the implementation of their project in Croatia since 2012.


Ivan Vidaković, Microsoft Hrvatska
Director for Digital Transformation

In the field of IT you don’t need to worry about finding employment because Europe lacks 900,000 computer engineers. IT is a profession that allows you to work from your home or office for the largest employers in the world using only a laptop or tablet, plastic card and Wi-Fi. IT offers you the possibility to enjoy all the benefits related to healthy and competitive business model of the West right here in Croatia.

Zvonimir Oreč, Siemens
board member, Siemens Convergence Creators

Changes brought by technology and globalization are profound and large. In order to contribute to the development of the economy, one needs to keep up with them. Croatia is perhaps a small country, but its high-quality experts are not lagging behind in the global perspective. I know from experience that such experts are educated at the Algebra University College and I hope that their number will continue to increase.

Hrvoje Boljkovac, Luminus Studio
Managing director

When it comes to daily survival, it is all right to be a generalist and know a little about everything, but in order to develop a prestigious career, it is necessary to specialize through high-quality education. I am sure that enthusiasm and commitment of the Algebra University College will create new generations which will be able to raise the quality of the Croatian IT sector to a whole new, even better and more competitive level.
Algebra University College