The field of Computer Game Development is the fastest growing part of multimedia industry, which for the past decade has achieved revenue growth in an average of 10% per year, reaching $ 99.6 billion in 2016. This high income industry, based on a large amount of programmer’s knowledge as well as creativity and interdisciplinary knowledge of certain areas of art and design, is now heavily relied on new technologies such as virtual and expanded reality and numerous available development environments (platforms) which enable the development of computer games that available on different devices.

Additional support for the development of this industry gives the fact that it is recognized as an e-sport by a number of influential media that further promote and increase demand for new and more complex computer games (eg. BBC, SKY Sport, etc.). Structure of the courses is designed in such a way so that it addresses existing demands for knowledge and skills in this industry, but also anticipates future trends.  The study enables students to work with the right tools to develop games for different platforms, from mobile to classic consoles or PCs.

The study has a total of 18 courses, out of which 8 are mandatory and 10 are electives. Elective courses are divided into two groups, so that on each of the first three semesters students can choose one course from the first group, while from the second group students can choose two courses in the first two semesters and three courses on the third semester. Elective courses are defined by individual orientation so that students usually get the necessary knowledge and skills in a specialized area (from the first to the third semester).