3D Modeling and Texturing in Computer Games

3D Modeling and Texturing in Computer Games

Course title
3D Modeling and Texturing in Computer Games
Course tag
Course status
Independent work
Teachers and associates
PhD Goran Đambić, Senior Lecturer
Ivan Porkolab, Instructor
The course aims
Differentiate ways of modeling and making textures in computer games according to the quality, speed of the production process, the quality of use and the results obtained. Successfully use the desired topology for the purpose of modeling and later implementations in computer games. Emphasis on optimization and usability of the model.
Introduction to 3D (overview of key steps and processes through 3D application). Developing various types of modeling with emphasis on computer games. Primitives modeling. Polygon modeling (sub-d modeling). Hard surface modeling. Level of detail (LOD) modeling and low poly modeling. Texture material maps. Modeling textures (normal, displaced, bump, opacity, etc.). How to apply material and texture with or without procedural approach. Creating advanced shaders.
Lee Zhi Eng: Building a Game with Unity and Blender
Supplementary literature
PolyModeling With 3dsMax - Thinking Outside of the Box

Minimum learning outcomes

  1. Build simple models with a focus on applications in computer games.
  2. Set basic textures on the 3D models
  3. Build a complex shader
  4. Import and export 3D models to and from Unity
  5. Create a 3D terrain using integrated systems

Preferred learning outcomes

  1. Choose optimal type of modeling regarding type of the game and target platform. Argue the issue of different modeling patterns and the reasons for this
  2. Set multilayered texture set on a 3D model.
  3. Find possible substructures in shader network and exclude them in separate shaders in order to achieve modularity and better performance
  4. Asses which external application for 3D modeling would be a best choice for a specific needs
  5. Asses is there a need, and if so, add a details, vegetation and height maps to the terrain.