The Data sub-specialization is one of four specialist graduate professional studies in the field of applied computer engineering.

The mandatory courses of the study cover the area of data analysis and basic competencies on the graduate level, and the elective courses enable the specialization and profiling in machine learning, statistical analysis, data visualization, domain knowledge and data storage.

The study comprises 21 courses, 15 mandatory and 6 elective, and students must successfully complete 18 courses (15 mandatory + 3 elective). Electives are determined by sub-specialization, enabling the students to specialize by acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills within their chosen field through a group of three interconnected courses over three semesters.

The academic year begins with the summer semester, and the enrollment in the winter semester of the same year is automatic. The requirements for each course are set by the course heads, and are announced before lectures start in the digital student administration system.