Jobs for which students are qualified

The list of jobs for which students are qualified is defined through the analysis of employers’ needs for particular positions advertised in this field. In doing so, it is especially taken into account which positions employers are looking for at a particular level of education. In addition, since the study program is structured through a relatively large number of elective courses that are related to a particular sub-specialization, specific knowledge and certain jobs will be available in accordance with the elective courses students have attended and passed.

A) Positions

Positions for which students who completed the specialist professional graduate study program in applied computer engineering are qualified can be divided into a few general groups due to the fact that the study program and its elective courses enable students to specialize within particular fields. Groups and positions relevant to the system sub-specialization are:

1. System engineers

  1. IT engineer, specialist in computer networks
  2. IT engineer, system administrator
  3. IT engineer, specialist in information system security
  4. System support manager
  5. Security incidents manager

2. Other IT experts

  1. Manager of IT projects
  2. IT engineer for implementation of e-business systems
  3. IT engineer, specialist in business solutions sales
  4. IT engineer for implementation of business decision making support systems

All graduates of this study program will acquire a good base in the field of e-business and business IT systems as well as additional knowledge in accordance with courses they attended and passed.

B) Poslovi za sistemsko usmjerenje

  • planning, design, implementation, administration and maintenance of computer network systems,
  • planning, implementation, installation and maintenance of computer databases,
  • planning, implementation and maintenance of information system security,,
  • establishment of internal organizational structure and procedures for the implementation of IT security policies,
  • establishment and auditing of implemented computer measures for the protection of business applications, computer systems and e-business systems,
  • management of information system and planning of its development,
  • project management or participation in IT projects with thorough knowledge of methodology,
  • understanding of market operations, management and business organization at the level of department or small business,
  • preparation of complete documentation for IT development projects,
  • planning and implementation of business information systems and business decision- making support systems,
  • auditing of information systems from the aspect of security,
  • planning and introduction of customer support systems during the implementation and use of IT systems,
  • planning, implementation and maintenance of solutions based on virtualization and clustering technologies (cloud computing solutions).