Accessing Data from Program Code

Accessing Data from Program Code

Course title
Accessing Data from Program Code
Course tag
Course status
Independent work
Teachers and associates
Bojan Fulanović, Lecturer
Daniel Bele, Instructor
Mario Žagar, Instructor
The course aims
Students will become familiar with methods and technologies used to access data from program codes and especially with competitive data access.
Developing data access applications. Connecting to databases. Retrieving data using T-SQL language. Use of procedures and functions for data access and data modification. Use of transactions. Work in disconnected environment. Program controlling of disconnected data. Use of XML for data work. Use of Entity Framework.
Supplementary literature
1. Brian Jepson, Java Database Programming ,Wiley, 1996.
2. George Reese, Database Programming with Jdbc and Java, OReilly, 1997
3. Bill Hamilton, ADO.NET 3.5 Cookbook, OReilly Media, March 2008

Minimum learning outcomes

  1. Use connected environment to work with data in ADO.NET.
  2. Use JDBC to work with data in Java applications.
  3. Use disconnected environment to work with data in ADO.NET.
  4. Use the Data Access Application Block (DAAB) to access the data in. NET applications.
  5. Apply Visual Studio tools for data access in .NET applications.
  6. Create and apply an XML file to store dana.
  7. Apple Entity Framework for data Access.

Preferred learning outcomes

  1. Compare the different mechanisms related to connected environment mode in ADO.NET.
  2. Evaluate justification of use of each mechanism to access data using JDBC in Java applications.
  3. Evaluate and implement the best way to use the data in a disconnected enviroment mode.
  4. Evaluate justification of of data access in the database with and without using the DAAB in .NET applications.
  5. Compare tools and software way to access the data. NET applications.
  6. Select appropriate methods for designing and storing data in an XML file.
  7. Evaluate justification of the use of the entity framework compared to other ways of connecting to a database.